A Tribute Muhammad Ali

A Tribute Muhammad Ali

Deandretribute.net – Only a handful of world leaders can move sports connoisseurs and the wider community such as Muhammad Ali. Many also try to reinterpret its influence and legacy into writing.

Now, Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest provides an opportunity for us to deeply appreciate the truth behind this figure – as well as understanding Ali and the ways he used to reinterpret the world view of his controversial figure.

Through this book, Thomas Hauser, the best-selling author of The New York Times who has the full confidence of Ali to write his biography, provides the latest perspective on the life of the legendary boxer. Based on personal closeness, interviews with close friends and people of his contemporaries, and journalistic reports on the latest boxing for decades, Hauser explores Ali in detail, both inside and outside the boxing ring.

Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest skinned this change to reveal the true figure of Ali. A figure full of love, upholds peace, pride in Islam and equal human rights, to his response to the world around who hates and loves him
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